Not Again?!

Hello friends!

Boy oh boy I’ve had a great winter. Lots of snow and lots of cold. Walks in the Wonder Woods with my person. But, gee whiz, it looks like spring is around the corner. It’s up to 27 degrees F today, and yesterday’s snow is already melting in the bright sun. The last of the snow is just about gone in all those little nooks and crannies amid the tangles and tumble-down rock walls. I suppose I should get used to this, and give up my dream that one day winter will never leave us, and we can have snow all year.

One redeeming quality to spring is that it brings the birds back with it. Black and yellow birds, orange and black birds, red and brown birds, stripy birds, iridescent birds. They really show up now, too, because mostly the world’s gray-ish where the snow is gone but it hasn’t started greening yet. By the porch those first little yellow and purple flowers came up a couple days ago. These get caught in a frog’s throat and make that noise. I know this because my person calls them Croak Assists.

I don’t know what’s happening with my fictional doppelganger up in the Arctic. We haven’t heard from them for months. It can be a pretty rugged place in the winter, and it’s not unusual that we don’t hear from them until spring, which is still another two months away for them. Lucky stiffs. I expect that we will get all the winter’s mail at once and catch up with the many adventures they’ve had in the season of total darkness.

Wandering around the yard by the driveway I found several great bones, some old snack scraps and a few things that I don’t know what they are but they smell edible. Luckily I beat these little yellow birds to them. I guess maybe there’s an upside to putting the snow away sometimes.

I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for it to come back.

Wag more, bark less.



Something happened to mom.

It was right after that crazy costume holiday. She vanished.

My person was gone day and night looking for her for a whole moon phase.

One day he came home and stopped looking. We haven’t seen her since.

I don’t know what happens to people when they go. Maybe she’s migrating and will come back? She’s never done anything like this before.

I know what happens to the people they leave behind. They’re quiet a lot. Sometimes they cry.

My person didn’t move off of the couch for what seemed like another moon phase. The noisy light box was off the whole time, and I wondered what he could be looking at. Seems every time I checked he was just staring out the window.

I got my regular hikes in during this time, but my person was… well, just different.
He’s starting to came back a little, though. His puppies are here a lot, so that probably helps.

I’m sorry to be out of touch for so long, and hope to get back to my regular correspondence. We’re sad mom is gone, but after all, we’re still here, and we’ll need to take care of one another.

I have a new chapter ready for my book, the last one written before mom left. My person has not been able to write anything since winter. I’m sure the fictional characters will understand. He seems to be getting a little better with each passing week, and he’s not glued to the couch and staring out the window anymore, so hopes are high we’ll get back to the Arctic soon.

That would suit me, ’cause around here, things are on the down turn. All the snow is gone, and my person already got out that awful giant vacuum cleaner that he drives around the lawn. (It’s bad enough he runs the one in the house as much as mom did- sheesh!)

The only saving grace is that we can move a little quicker now that he’s not wearing snowshoes.

Clear trails,