Sasha’s story started on a whim. Just a spark, an idea for a story, and I started writing.

As the story unfolded, characters were born and experiences were shared among the characters and before I knew it I was hooked. I had to write the next chapter to find out what happened next.

As a blogger, I shared the journal entries as posts, just for fun. Since I was in the process of creating each new chapter, I decided to post the story as a blog serial. The “chapters” are really almost blog posts. Some seem too long for a post, and some seem too short for a chapter in a book.

After finishing the “first book”, Homestead, the characters continued to call to me from the wilds of the Siberian Arctic. They were frozen in time (no pun intended). They, too, needed to know what happens next.

I hadn’t intended to continue, but the story would not be subdued, and so I’ve started the “second book”, Lodge. I guess that makes it a series of some kind.

Relax. Suspend your disbelief, and join me high above the Arctic Circle as we share lives of adventure and wonder with our characters. Don’t forget a hat. It gets pretty cold in Siberia in the winter.

Clear trails!


S. R. O’Connor

Sharon Springs, New York

May 2018



To fully enjoy Sasha’s story, from before the moment she first opens her eyes, read the first book, Homestead.

The second book Lodge, is currently in progress.

Thanks for joining us.

Scott R. O’Connor

March 2019


Addendum: (I could hardly call it post-post-script now, could I?)

In October 2019, I made the leap to Independent Publisher, and Homestead became available in paperback and e-book. You’ll find Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea: Homestead, on Amazon Books and in the Kindle Store.

I’m excited to say Lodge was published November 13th 2019.

As we move into the third volume, tentatively titled Caravan, I’m keenly aware of enabling each volume to stand on its own while maintaining a continuity of linearity in Sasha’s life. While reading the series starting at the beginning will provide the fullest experience, one should be able to read any volume without any prerequisites.

Additionally, descriptions herein and elsewhere must provide some insight into the main theme of each volume without giving away any surprises or twists in the story. (The modern term would be Spoilers).

I’m anxious to get back to the story myself, and find out where their Arctic adventures will take us.

Thanks for reading, and keep in touch.

Scott R. O’Connor

November 2019