Sasha’s Stories

Sasha’s stories began as blog serial, each chapter a post.
Before we knew it, there were thirty chapters, and so we organized it into a book called Homestead.
This is the first volume of the series, and begins before Sasha opens her eyes for the first time.

Volume One follows Sasha through her first spring as she learns about life, family and how to be a dog. She continues to grow and become a part of the dogsled team in her first home with musher Jiak and his parents, Bek and Nina.

Follow along as she joins the team on her first trip afield, and the adventures they encounter on a routine trip to the Trading post at Dezhnevo.

The second book in the series is Lodge.
Sasha’s adventures continue in Volume Two, as she meets new friends and explores new horizons.
Ride along with Sasha, her brother Anchu, and the rest of the team as they attend the Summer Festival in Tunkan, and Sasha sees dogsled racing for the first time.

The third book, Caravan, is currently in progress, and picks up the action where Lodge leaves off.

Sasha’s series is available in paperback and e-book at

Lodge was released November 13th, 2019.


Sasha and I hope you enjoy her stories!


Scott R. O’Connor
and Sasha

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