A Tree In The House?

Wow! We had a good blizzard drop about a foot-and-a-half of snow on us. It sure looks pretty, but has impeded my person from snow shoeing or ski-joring. Hopes are high for this weekend!

I don’t know what gets into people at this time of year. Maybe it’s to celebrate the return of the snow, or maybe snow makes them crazy. All kinds of decorations come out, and every room is smothered. My person tacked up colored light bulbs on the front porch, and put out his cardboard painted snowman.  Then, they brought this little pine tree into the parlor. I remember they did this last year, too. I mean, there are thousands of pine trees around the house, so it seems a little odd. Next thing, they’ll try to hide it. They’ll put colored light bulbs on it and then a bunch of shiny things like birds put in their nests. They’re not fooling me. I know they have a tree in there.

I see the sock hanging up, the one with black paw prints on it. I didn’t walk on it, so I don’t know how that happened. Probably Doone The Cat. The important thing is that not long after they hide the tree in the parlor, they load up that sock with some of my favorite treats!

So I went out to chew on the ham bone Mom gave me, and when I got to the driveway, I discovered the snow plow had eaten it. I never knew a truck would eat my treats, but you can bet I won’t be leaving any lying around again.


Clear Trails!




7 thoughts on “A Tree In The House?”

      1. yes!! I so hope we have snow this year-It just washes the world and is as beautiful as anything I know of-also, I did not know you painted and played the guitar. I play some-we love all strings. Share a painting when you can. We have so much in common. Happy winter friend! Michele

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  1. I fell hard for the tone of acoustic guitar, and to this day when I play I’m likely to lay my ear right against the body. Been at it 45 years now, and it never grows old.
    A total hack, I took up oil painting as my parents did. It’s a learning journey, and I’m not even off the porch yet.
    Here’s a kick, bringing two subjects together:
    I have a small piece that hangs for this season in the living room. It’s titled “Fetching The Tree”, and is a broad landscape at the center of which we see one big person and one little person dragging a pine tree through— of course you guessed—SNOW!
    Indeed, it remains a curiosity we share so much in common, let us say kindred in spirit.
    Such a big world out there to discover such things.

    All my best,



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